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“Priority Brandings could help in the rapid establishment of your professional identity through an impressive website”


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An Essential Package for your Personal Brand

Expectation / Achievement

Expert Status

Industry Recognition

Higher Revenue

Boost in Career

Generate Quality Leads

Regular Referral

Stand out from Competition

Drive higher Traffic to your Main Business

Wider Audience Base


Benefits of Personal Branding

A boost to your career,  your business exposure, your reputation and profile.

Increase in your revenue streams with less time and effort required to generate new business.


Compatible quality client lead generation and conversion. Prospects know about you, your achievements and skills.

Achievement of measurable growth that can be scaled up to replicate your success over and over again.

Establishing yourself in your market as the ‘go-to’ person for your space and skill set.

Create awareness and extend your reach. Drive more traffic to your business websites.

Connect directly with your audience and control the way people see you.


Own your story and create your reputation instantaneously.

Stand out from your competition. Distinct your strengths.

Build your Personal Brand equity and be positioned as an industry leader. As a result, opening up infinite possibilities.

Achieve expert status and eliminate the time it takes to build valuable rapport with prospects.

Receive regular referrals and allow yourself to help more people with the type of service that they deserve.

Priority Brandings's Process

We have strategic processes in place. Processes that are capable of establishing your professional identity – all of which focused around positioning you as an expert and to be recognized as the trusted go-to brand in your industry. A strategy that can only be initiated through the construction of your own Personal Brand. We are committed to making your professions and corporate entity’s business the center of attraction.


Step 1


Step 2

Discussion of your Business: We email you a checklist of items for discussion.

Step 3

Website Planning and Development. Delivery between 7 to 14 days.


Final Step

Project Launch and Handover. Full Support Provided.

Take Action Now

The first step to build your Personal Brand is to get started now. With your Personal Branded Website you will get the real results and stand out from your competition.

Why Choose Us?

Our offers are very attractive and we are confident no other design companies will offer at this competive price.

Professional Design

High Quality and Professional Content to showcase your Brand.

Quality Assurance

100% Customer Statisfaction.

On Time Delivery

We strive to do the best to deliver the project on time and in good quality.

One Stop Solution

We provide Personal Branding Web Design, Content and Web Hosting services.


Prompt Communication

Prompt update on the project status. We follow up closely from start to handover and even after the launch of your Person Brand website.

Personal Branding Handshakes

Free Email Hosting

FREE Email Hosting PERMANENTLY and perpetually. You will have your own delicated email address with your website. You can expect to save $72 every year.

Free Web Hosting

FREE Website Hosting PERMANENTLY and perpetually. You can expect to save up to $300 every year.

SEO and Responsive Design

SEO On-Page & Off-Page all done for you. Responsive Website Design across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate permanently. This is necessary to secure your website for safe browsing. You can save up to $99 every year.

Savings and No Hidden Fee

Year on year savings. One time Fee and full support provided.

Personal Branding Responsive Website Design


Websites Done

Repeat Customers


Satisfied Customers


Lots of people are happy with our services

I purchased 2 sites from Priority Brandings, one Business site and one a Personal Branded site and my business is growing rapidly as a result. Prospects always go to my personal site first, then they are linked to my service. I am looking at launching more personally branded sites for my staff soon. The service and creativity provided by your guys is outstanding.

Eric Tan

Property Consultant, Singapore

I didn’t really understand how a personally branded site could be so profitable, with impulse buying stimulated through personal branding and marketing. The site links to my main business website with qualified customers. Making conversion on enquires is so much easier because the customer comes with some element of trust. Thanks for great work, Priority Brandings!

Nancy Lee

Associate Director, Insurance, Malaysia

My personal website is professionally done. The sales funnel works well and the marketing plan aimed at elevating the site to page one on Google is so much easier now. I am looking at purchasing multiple sites from Priority Brandings and promoting them in the one network with staff and suppliers included, all of our sites will contain links back to our main business site. An eye opener for me. It is so simple yet it will work long term for us.

William.J Duncan

Business Owner, Australia

Are you ready to get started?

“Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.”
― Mark Twain

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