Frequently Asked Questions


How can you provide Free Hosting Permanently?

We own a dedicated server with space for 10,000+ websites, it is easy for us to build sites and keep files on our secure server. If we transfer your site to your hosting, it often sites runs slower and in a less secure environment. However we are happy to migrate sites to your hosting free of charge.

As well as free hosting for your site we will set up a hosted email such as or or, this will be hosted free of charge permanently as well, saving you $72 per year (this is what godaddy charge for email hosting)


How can you provide a free SSL Certificate on a permanent basis?

We own a dedicated server delivering the highest speeds possible and our package includes free SSL certification for all accounts.


What is the payment mode?

We accept Credit Card payment only. If you have a preference for Paypal, please drop us a message and we will send you a link for payment.

Can I negotiate on the fee?

We provide discount if you purchase mutliple sites in a single transaction. Our prices are fixed and transparent. Refer to Pricing. Contact us if you are purchasing more than 3 website design. 

I do not require Web Hosting. Can you exclude the cost from your fee?

No. The package we offered is fixed and it is consistent with all our cilents. Our core business provides Branding and Website Design. The Web Hosting service comes as a complimentary provided by us for all our clients. Hence our clients have nothing to worry for recurring expenses relating to Web Hosting. This is one of the reasons our offer is attractive.

What CMS do you use, and why?

We use WordPress for all the sites we develop. WordPress is an easy and super-friendly CMS used by over 7.5 million websites of all sizes and niches. We recommend it to all online entrepreneurs, even the ones with zero experience.

Will I be able to make changes by myself?

Yes. WordPress based sites are easy to edit, and you can make changes yourself. In case you have no relevant experience or met with difficulties, you can contact us for professional support.

How long does it takes to delivery my Personal Branded Website?

After you have signed up, we will commence the discussion of your business. A checklist of items will be emailed to you to guide our discussion. Once we gathered the information from our discussion, we will proceed to develop your website. From there the delivery will be between 7 to 14 days.

Will I be the full right owner of this website?

Absolutely. All rights are transferred to you together with the website. We will have no access from the day we handover the project to you.

Can I request to revise my website after handed over?

Yes. We provide full customer support after handover. The number of revisions is unlimited within reasons.

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